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The legal status of e-cigarettes in Taiwan could change radically

Time:2017-08-07 Views:2183
The legal status of e-cigarettes and related products in Taiwan may be about to change radically. Products containing nicotine may become legal or partially legal; Products that do not contain nicotine, which are now considered consumer products, can be reclassified as medicines. 
Currently, nicotine-containing e-cigarettes are considered drugs, so their sales, imports and production are effectively banned. They need permits to sell legally, and so far no product has been approved. 
On the other hand, the non-nicotine vaping product, unlike traditional cigarettes, is legal in Taiwan. Section 14 of the smoking-control law prohibits the sale of products that mimic traditional cigarettes, especially in simulated smoke. 
According to local media reports, a few months ago, changes in the legal status of electronic cigarettes had raised concerns that the smoking behavior of teenagers would be re-normalized. 
A recent report from the government of Taiwan showed that Taiwan sees e-cigarettes as a public threat, not an opportunity. It expressed concern about the safety of vaping products under 18 years of age and battery safety. 
The ministry of health and welfare will revise the law on the prevention and control of tobacco smoke, which will be regarded as a standard for tobacco related products. If so, the restrictions on tobacco packaging, for example, will also apply to vaping products. The ban on sites such as public buildings, hospitals, hotels and restaurants will be the same. 
If the proposed new law goes into effect in Taiwan, it would legalize a nicotine product while non-nicotine devices are prohibited. 
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