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The Internet remains the most important channel for e-cigarettes

Time:2017-08-07 Views:1846
In the us, convenience and lower prices have made the Internet one of the most important channels for e-cigarettes, with 180 manufacturers selling vaping products online, according to new market report by ECigIntelligence. 
Most traffic is concentrated in top online providers, though their network rankings have declined in 2016. 
Although traffic from countries such as Britain, Canada and Turkey is increasing, more than half of the visitors to the most leading sites still come from the United States. 
The main source of access is automatic search, mainly from Google, followed by direct traffic, and consumers directly access the provider‘s website. Other channels, such as email or social media, have a very low impact. 
The study shows that most of the leading online distributors in the U.S. have multiple brands, while the number of single-brand enterprise sites is very low. 
The report shows that there is a big difference in pricing between major websites. On the other hand, the average price difference between the top 10 online retailers and the next 10 retailers is small. 
Despite leading brand website page rank and visitors have a downward trend, but the network is still the United States in 2016 electronic cigarette products one of the most important distribution channels, about 15% of the electronic cigarette is regularly buy products online. The ratio is higher among e-cigarette lovers, about 50 percent. 
The most popular vendors don‘t necessarily have the cheapest products, and they still account for most of the traffic, even though the main sites seem to be down. However, there is no necessary link between website access or interaction and income. 
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