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The effect of mixing electronic cigarette batteries with COINS is serious

Time:2017-08-07 Views:2148
A man in Calgary, Canada, suffered severe burns and was taken to a hospital for treatment at a hospital in Calgary, Canada, on Friday night, according to a Canadian newspaper. He was told he needed skin grafts because of three burns. It was later confirmed that the incident was caused by a battery short circuit caused by the contact of a spare electronic cigarette battery in the pocket. 
According to reports, at that time, terence Johnson (Terrence Johnson) and his wife Rachel forced the Rex (Rachel Rex) is to leave the restaurant dinner, Johnson pants pocket breathes fire suddenly, he was badly burned. "We are favorite British barca dino (Embarcadero) restaurant for a meal, outside the restaurant, chat with our favourite waiter, sudden explosion, the flame spray all over the place. We realized that my husband, terrence, was on fire. "His spare battery of e-cigarettes exploded in his pocket," rex said. "his jeans and cotton-polyester were burned down, and the fire burned his skin. His hand was burnt when he tried to put out the fire. Most of him was once and twice burned, but the blackened parts of his thighs were three degrees of burns, and he may need to have skin grafts. 
"Needless to say, this is terrible. He‘ll never use e-cigarettes again, "rex said. 
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