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Lawmakers have raised huge taxes on some electronic cigarette products

Time:2017-08-07 Views:2210
State legislators are exploring a measure to impose wholesale taxes on nicotine e-cigarettes and related products that could be diverted to retailers and consumers. 
A smoke-free Hawaii alliance says tax increases will lead to reduced use of e-cigarettes. 
"Increasing taxes is a proven and effective strategy for motivating users to quit smoking," said Trish La Chica, the agency‘s policy director. 
Initially, one of the measures was taxed at 70 per cent. Members of the house of representatives later decided to remove the amount and let the public discuss it before deciding. 
"We don‘t know when we‘re going to go bankrupt," said Scott Rasak of the Volcano Fine e-cigarettes. "we strongly oppose any tax increases on our customers and industries." 
The U.S. government defines e-cigarettes as tobacco products, but there is no national tobacco tax. 
"Steam products and tobacco products are completely different," says Rasak. "They don‘t have tobacco, they don‘t smoke, these are completely independent products." 
Tax supporters say they want to apply it to all parts of electronic cigarettes. 
"The preferred method is to tax electronic smoking devices, including components and components that are jointly defined by the food and drug administration," La Chica said. 
Rasak said the approach would drive up the price of equipment, hurt the company‘s business and hurt consumers. 
"Some of these devices sell for as much as $170, and they buy a wholesale price of about $90," he said. 
La Chica cited a 2015 survey that said a quarter of Hawaiian high school students had used electronic cigarettes. The legal age of vaping is 21. 
"We really want to do everything necessary to protect a new generation from being guided to tobacco products." She said. 
While taking care of a new generation, those who make the rules ignore those who want to use e-cigarettes as a substitute for cigarettes, and the lives of those people need to be maintained. 
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