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Yuoto Switch 3000 Disposable

Yuoto Switch 3000 Puffs Vape Pen Double Flavors Disposable 1650mAh Device 8ml Pod Cartridge

The Yuoto Switch 3000 Disposable Pod Device with double flavors good taste in one device, the Yuoto Switch 3000 Disposable Pod Device can support 3000 puffs by 1600mAh battery 8ml Capacity.

10 Double Flavors available:
1.Mint ice & Apple ice
2.watermelon ice & peachice
3.Banana ice & mango ice drink & coke ice
5.Blueberry ice & Lychee ice
6.prap ice & melon ice
7.srawberry watermelon & Guava ice razz ice & candy
9.Skittles & bubble Gum
10.pina colada ice & pineapple ice

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    (2) about broken goods and wrong goods
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    Payment 30% deposit 
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